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Growing potatoes with a yield of 50 tons per hectare

The business idea of ​​growing potatoes is profitable even in the most lean years if you use special technologies. Potato is always a popular food product and is in constant demand. And productivity indicators of 50 tons per hectare make us consider it from the perspective of business ideas. After all, this is one of the most effective ways to get maximum profit from a minimum plot of land. That is, to maximize the use of the sown area.

This article will take a closer look at the concept of a business idea. Dutch technology for high potato yields. And also not whimsical cultivation of potatoes under the straw. To create a break-even business, it is also worth considering technologies for long-term storage of crops.

The best potato varieties of the 21st century are Radonezhsky and Ryabinushka. The tubers were tested by state variety testing. In practice, both varieties met expectations for disease resistance. Varieties yield up to 4.8 tons per hectare! The result is more than three times the marketable yield of different industrial varieties.

Variety Ryabinushka. The average early Ryabinushka is being harvested as early as 80-90 days after planting. The tubers are oval with small eyes. The peel is smooth, red. The starch content does not exceed 18%. It has a presentation in up to 97% of the crop. With long-term storage, no more than 5-7% of the total yield disappears.

Variety Radonezhsky. The early variety “Radonezhsky” is a high-yielding variety with a high commercial appearance up to 94%. The mass of the tuber reaches 140 g. The number of tubers in the bush is 10-15 pieces. When to plant early potato varieties – Radonezh? The variety is distinguished by intensive early harvest accumulation, therefore it is suitable for early and even winter cultivation. But when planting in warm February or early spring, the risk of a decrease in yield increases. But there is an opportunity to collect 2 crops per year from one plot of land. Differs in excellent keeping quality. Cream oval tubers with pinkish spots. Eyes are red small.
Growing potatoes in Holland. The business idea of ​​growing potatoes at the lowest cost is Dutch technology. Its distinctive feature is that they use a minimum of mechanical treatments when leaving. The Dutch focus on aeration of the soil – carefully loosen it, put the potatoes in the ridges, leaving wide gaps between the rows. As a result, up to 2 kg of powerful tubers are obtained from the bush, which easily tolerate long-term storage.

Soil aeration is soil cultivation in order to create maximum air ventilation of the soil so that the soil air (mainly carbon dioxide) mixes well with atmospheric air (mainly oxygen). Carbonic acids in soils are formed due to natural organic decomposition, and the free flow of oxygen accelerates intra-soil processes associated with the oxidation of mineral components and the decomposition of organic components.

In dense or waterlogged soils, plants develop poorly due to a lack of oxygen. The soil itself suffers from this. But in loose soils you can get high yields.

In practice, it has been proven that it is not necessary to select Dutch potato varieties for Dutch technology. It is important that the tubers comply with certain rules: have at least five eyes, are large (40-50 mm). In our case, these are Radonezhsky and Ryabinushka. The selected potatoes need to be warmed up in a bright room at a temperature of up to +180 until sprouts form. Then you need to lower the temperature to +8 and wait until the sprouts reach a height of 2cm.

Before planting, it is better to divide each vegetable in half. This will increase yields. Planting should occur as early as possible, as soon as the soil during planting is already well warmed up.

Potatoes in straw. The technology for growing potatoes in straw is much simpler and gives its high yields in comparison with the traditional method of growing. The secret to the success of the technology is to keep the soil cool and moisture around the clock, which is very important for potatoes. Indeed, at an air temperature of +22, potato tubers stop growing. Straw with its heat-insulating properties does not allow the temperature to rise, and the condensate formed due to the temperature difference maintains cool moisture, creating ideal conditions for potatoes. Straw isolates the soil from rising temperatures without interfering with gas exchange processes. And under the straw, weeds do not develop well. In autumn, the straw is ground during soil cultivation, it produces excellent fertilizer.

Planting potatoes under the straw is performed according to the following sequence of actions. In pre-treated, loose soil, potatoes are planted at a shallow depth of 7-10 cm. Top the beds should be sprinkled with the first layer of straw 30cm. The second layer (15cm.-20cm.) Is laid between the beds when the sprouts have reached 5 cm. And more potatoes do not require leaving. When the tops are dry, you can harvest.

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