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Email Marketing: Strategy and Efficiency

Today, there are hundreds of offers on the Internet. Our attention is scattered on dozens of advertising banners and sites offering their products / services. The task of the marketer is to win the attention of a potential customer, turn him into a buyer and, most importantly, keep him. The model is similar to an iceberg: we see the top from new customers, and under the water lurks a database of regular customers who bring regular profits and high margin rates. In a new article we will talk about the potential and effectiveness of e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing effectively solves the problem of retaining existing customers. Like any marketing tool, it has its own characteristics and a definition system. In the article we will consider:
Key performance indicators of email marketing.
Types of emails.
Formula of selling letters.
Open rate – percentage of people who open emails. For the first time, good indicators are 60-70%, for the rest – 20-30%. But it’s important not only to open the letter, but also to follow the link in it. Therefore, the more important parameter – click rate – the percentage of people who went into the letter and.

Every day, dozens of letters arrive in the mailbox of an average Internet user. Each of them “screams” about its uniqueness and importance, but 90% of them will remain unread and forgotten at the bottom of the box.

Our goal is to create a short, practical letter that is easy to read and contains all the necessary information that we want to convey to the person.

Depending on the purpose of the letter, the following types can be distinguished:

1. Technical letters. The goal is to notify a person about an upcoming event: a webinar, intensity, live event, moving to another service, moving the event or changing the time of its holding. In this letter, we give clear instructions for action. If we write a letter for the conference, for example, we indicate the date, place, time of the event, conditions for participation, and so on.

2. Selling letters. The main purpose of the letter is to encourage a person to click on the link. Therefore, we pay most attention to links and appeals,
which must be written through the benefit to the client and explain the value of the proposal. For example, to create your own product and make money on startups on the Internet, register for a workshop on packaging and selling your knowledge.

3. Content letters. The purpose of the content letter is to provide the subscriber with free useful material on the topic in which you are expert, or on the topic of an upcoming course that you are going to sell. Remember, in such letters there are no sales, in them we only motivate your subscribers and communicate with them. In them we can send a person to your social networks with a request to subscribe, to an article on your website with a on it, on a video on your YouTube channel and more.

4. Webinar letters. Any webinar, master class or similar online event is accompanied by a special series of letters:
An invitation with a link to the event and a detailed announcement describing the benefits of participating.
We’ll survive for those who have not registered since the last letter.
“Thank you for registering” – a letter of gratitude in which we disclose the conditions of participation (when will it take place, when will the link with access come, how will the event be held, who are the speakers and more).
A letter the day before the event is a reminder that the person has become a participant, we give once again the announcement of the event and updating the topic.
A letter on the day of the event at 9 am, we recall in it what the event is about and give a link with access (if it already exists).
A letter an hour before the event is an invitation to the broadcast room with a link to it (login, password, if any).
A letter at the time of broadcast (press). The approximate text of such a letter: “We have already begun, join us” and give once again a link with access.
A letter recording the event (optional). Please note that in each of the letters the link is given three times in the form of an appeal through profit.
5. Booster letters. After filling out an application for a product and not paying it within 24 hours, a person receives a letter with a booster for the purchase. There are three such letters; they are sent with a frequency of 24 hours and must motivate to pay for the application left.
1st letter – gain. The purpose of this letter is to describe the benefits of buying a course, arouse the desire to buy it.
2nd letter – logic. The purpose of the letter is to provide a rationale for the purchase of a product. Here we give only dry facts and no lyrics.
3rd letter – fear. The purpose of the letter is to cause a feeling of loss, to put pressure on pain, to show how a person will feel bad without buying your product. In this letter we put deadlines either in time, or in quantity, or at a discount.
6. Letters of thanks. The purpose of the letter is to thank for the purchase and provide all the details on the purchased product (course, product, service).

Formally, any letter consists of 4 elements. Think through each of the 4 main points, and customers will begin to read your letters instead of the morning newspaper with a cup of coffee:
Subject (title).

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