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Organize a custom-made cake business for every housewife. For most of them, this is a hobby. Moreover, such a favorite thing brings $ 1000 per month. Let’s explore the possibilities of a business idea for making cakes and pastries with mastic to order. A real experiment is offered to your attention, which will clearly show the profitability of this business idea.

Today, each of the women who decided to devote herself to some business, now not only engages in family life, but also brings additional income to the family budget. The production of cakes at home is dynamically gaining popularity among consumers. People are less and less trusting shops where all products are saturated with preservatives for long-term storage of products. Moreover, the modern buyer wants to find an exclusive product and even with registered inscriptions.

In this article we will describe to you how much you can earn by making custom-made cakes at home. For example, real recipes with real photos of pastry baking will be presented.

Example of a cake from mastic. When calculating the profitability of production, one should take into account the fact that the first cake with a mastic decor can be made without using special tools for working with mastic. Accordingly, investments in instruments can be made from the first money earned. This is due to the fact that you can work with mastic and improvised materials, and for baking and decorating confectionery products, every housewife already has her own “arsenal” of everything necessary. From rolling pin to measuring cup.

Sponge cake with various impregnations and creams are in great demand among consumers, is. Also in the category of the most coveted confectionery is the ordinary honey cake. On the basis of honey, we propose to consider an approximate calculation of the revenue side of a business idea.
Everything you need for a honey cake with a mastic decor. For example, take a simple honey recipe. In parallel, we will consider our costs for the necessary products. For one serving of honey cake from 8 cakes, weighing 2-2.5 kg. You will need:

3 eggs = $ 0.45;
3 tbsp. tablespoons of honey = 120g of honey = $ 0.7;
2 tsp soda = $ 0.05;
1 cup sugar = $ 0.2;
100g butter = $ 1;
4 cups flour (premium) = $ 0.45.
Total cost of cakes is $ 2.85. Next up is the creams. It is very important to remember that the impregnating cream can be anything, but the cream with which the cake is leveled is necessarily oil. Based on this, most of the confectionery that you will make will include 2 types of creams. Or, the whole honey cake will be completely treated with oil cream. Sour cream recipe:

1.5 cups of sour cream = $ 1;
1 cup sugar = $ 0.2;
100g oil = $ 1;
Butter Cream Recipe:
1 can of condensed milk = $ 1.7;
1 cup sugar = $ 0.2;
1 pack (200g) butter = $ 1.7.
Total for two types of cream you need $ 5.6. In the manufacture of cakes at home, mastic is often used for spectacular decoration (photo 2). At the same time, people order such cakes from housewives, and not from pastry shops. After all, it is a well-known fact that everything homemade is healthier and tastier. Each self-respecting master will make a cake, taking into account all the wishes of the client, while using only high-quality and fresh products. Naturally, their cost is more expensive than store ones, but their quality is appropriate. First of all, home baking is worth doing because it is relevant and brings not a bad income.

Mastic can be bought ready-made in specialized stores, or made independently. There are many recipes for homemade mastic making. The most common are two types of mastic:

1 Mastic made from chewing marshmallows marshmallows.
2 Milk mastic based on infant formula.
Marshmallow mastic and its recipe:

1 pack of marshmallows, always white (photo 1) = $ 1;
3 packs of powdered sugar = 1,5 $;
1 tbsp. a spoonful of oil = $ 0.2.
Total $ 2.7. Then milk paste with infant formula (photo 3):
Baby formula “Baby” 350 gr. = $ 3;
1 can of condensed milk = $ 1.8;
3 packs of powdered sugar (350 g. For mastic, and the rest for working with mastic) = $ 1.5.
With this set of products, 1-1.2 kg of finished mastic is obtained. Total $ 6.3. The cost of one kilogram of product experienced craftsmen confectioners estimate from $ 12 to $ 16. With this set of products (you can choose any mastic), a cake weighing 2-2.5 kg comes out. This means that the average cost of such cakes will be $ 28-32. The cost of decorated cakes is $ 18 when using two types of mastic. The net profit from one cake is $ 11 -15 $.

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