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Online Business Reputation: How to Track and Manage

Today, business is one way or another trying to promote itself in the network. Sites, communities in social networks, contextual advertising. However, companies often leave the area of ​​reviews and recommendations without control and attention, and this is wrong. Ekaterina Burachik, SERM-specialist of 1PS.RU agency, explains why reputation on the Internet is a factor affecting the level of sales and tells how it can be managed

Is online reputation important? Let’s provide a simple and relevant example: you are going on vacation. Choose a country, city, beaches – everything is ok. But the choice of hotels near these beaches is incredible. We narrow the circle down to the ones that are suitable for us in terms of cost, breakfast availability and other criteria important to us. There are three hotels left, and all are not bad. Which one will we choose? And let’s read reviews and see the ratings.

1. So, option number 1. Good rating, many reviews.
2. Option number 2. There are many ratings and reviews, but the rating is much lower.
3. And finally, option number 3. Hmm … nothing at all.

What to choose? The second hotel immediately disappears. With the third, everything is somehow incomprehensible – why take the risk? Obviously, the first option is the best. Perhaps we will dwell on it.

And this scheme works not only with hotels. Users traditionally look for reviews of goods and services on the Internet, choosing a phone, a cinema, a doctor, a construction team, a cleaning company, and more. In order to squeeze negative reviews and comments about the brand from the first pages of the issue, SERM comes to the rescue.

SERM – a set of measures aimed at improving the reputation of a company / brand on the Internet using search engine promotion tools. This is mainly done by increasing the number of positive reviews and other content useful to the user.

Who works with reputation?

Firstly, SERM will be relevant for those companies that already have a lot of negative reviews on the network.

We won’t go far, the simplest request is “Euroset reviews”.

And what do we see? Baaaaa! It is unlikely that after this one wants to buy something here.

Most often, the source of information is dissatisfied customers, laid-off employees who want revenge, or competitors. However, it does not matter how the negative got into the issue. It is important that all this can significantly damage your reputation.

Secondly, working with a reputation is important when launching a new product / service / solution. It is important to monitor how people who have tried the product relate to the new product, how they react, and recommend to each other. You will understand what kind of reaction it causes, what kind of possible difficulties users face, what they like and what not. With SERM, you can control the situation, keep your finger on the pulse and prevent events from developing spontaneously. In addition, based on the feedback, it is necessary to draw conclusions and make corrections and improvements to the product / service.

Thirdly, it is important to work with a reputation for those companies about which there is no information at all. But here you need to be careful. Lack of feedback may be related to the specifics of the business. If you work in the B2B segment, then it is likely that there is nothing about you and will not be.

Suppose you are engaged in the wholesale of metal. It is unlikely that the owners of companies or the main procurement, buying metal for production, will write reviews. Our experience also shows that very few reviews leave about 18+ online stores. Probably, users want to maintain maximum anonymity. But this is one side of the coin. Another – you may not have reviews just because you are average. Work yes work. Nothing bad can be said, but the wow effect is not observed (I will talk about it a little later).

With SERM, you also solve other problems:
Increase brand confidence: the more positive reviews about the company present on the network, the better.
Create a positive image among the target audience: with the help of SERM you can establish yourself as experts in your field.
Strengthen customer loyalty: potential customers begin to treat you more kindly.
Increase sales: users are more willing to collaborate and make purchases from those whom they trust.
How to track what they write about you?

You need to start with a reputation audit. There are two ways to monitor: manual and automatic. The second way is faster and easier. There are special services for this, and we did a great review earlier.

I’ll tell you more about the first one. So where to start?

We collect brand and reputation queries. To help us:
brainstorming (we wonder how users can look for us);
Yandex.Metrica (in the “last search phrase” tab, we look at what requests users clicked to your site);

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