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How to create an engaging PR story for a previously unknown product

This year, the market for goods and services will be full of new products and technologies, experts say. It is likely that some of the “new products” will be skeptical, some will go unnoticed, but some will occupy the desired niche in the market and become a leader among competitors. Marketing and business experts have prepared tips to help you create a thoughtful and consistent PR strategy for your new idea.

Find out if your product needs an audience.

In other words, before the start of the PR campaign, each product development participant must know the answer to the question: “What is the innovativeness of the product?” Any innovation on the market is a test with further improvement and development of relations with the target audience.

Each product must have a novelty that was not among competitors or predecessors. The development of interest will depend on mass distribution and outreach. You can find out this data through surveys and analysis of market statistics.

The last important point will be RTB (reason to buy), that is, the reasons for switching the audience’s attention to a new solution for it should be clearly defined. In order to provide such reasons, it is enough to recall the well-known Maslow’s pyramid of needs.

Maslow’s Pyramid of Needs

What affects the decision to purchase a product:
satisfaction of daily needs;
prestige and value;
big name;
uniqueness and innovation;
empathy (fear, desire, and so on);
replacement of a previously popular product.

Decide to whom and where to talk about the product

Depending on the number of desired target audience, traditional media and social networks are selected for PR. Digital tools enable narrow focusing. Such traditional tools as the media (periodicals, radio and television) are considered the most ambitious sources of information that will give the greatest possible coverage among the audience.

There is a product or service new to the world or new to the company. PR is best used in the so-called “new to the world” options. Previously, informing about them was carried out using traditional tools or using the most popular source of information – television. A lot depends on the planned coverage. For example, the innovative Starbucks approach to coffee consumption culture began with a relatively small enclave in Seattle, USA.

Experts advise using different channels to search and communicate with the audience. It can be social networks, meetings and collaboration with bloggers and partners, and so on. All of these options are suitable for attracting attention to a new product.

Calculate the forces and budget for a PR campaign

The media are interested in covering unique informational issues that have not been previously published. In the western media space, PR people and business owners sometimes use scandals and provocations to draw attention to a new product. And for some types of goods it is better to use consistent methods of interacting with the media, namely, expertness and credibility.

A little-known product needs to be illuminated sequentially. It is possible to create successful PR campaigns for a new product without interacting with the media, but it will be long and difficult. Therefore, think carefully about strategy and consistency.

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