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The shape of the bush “Raspberry Tree” allows you to greatly simplify harvesting. From here we will not once again remind you of the wonderful healing properties and high taste of all the raspberries that are in demand. We will only consider agricultural technology and share secrets of how to get the greatest raspberry crop from 1 hectare of 25 tons thanks to the raspberry tree.

There are different varieties of raspberry tree: Tale, Tarus, Kuzmina Novosti and others. To describe an example of a business idea for growing raspberry tree, we take the “Fairy Tale” variety. Consider its attractions, benefits and requirements for the care of the variety. And also learn the secrets to get the maximum yield from the 1st bush of raspberry tree – 4-6 kg of berries.

Description of the variety of raspberry tree TALE and its features
variety of raspberry tree TALE.
Now the Raspberry Tree has become very popular. This term defines not only the altered form of the raspberry bush, but also the distinguishing features of the agricultural technique of growing this group of raspberry varieties.

The plant is artificially shaped into a tree shape, branches are cut in the right places, which were previously collected from the tops of young branches. As a result of such manipulations, the lateral shoots begin to grow rapidly. Usually, before the first fall, the scarlet shrub will look more like a small seedling of a tree. Berries from this tree are much more convenient to collect than from ordinary raspberry bushes. And the plant itself is less sick and gives high productivity. Such a crop can grow up to 1.5-2 m in height, gradually increasing its yield. The roots are very similar to the roots of ordinary trees, which prevents the plant from growing uncontrollably throughout the garden.

Attention! Variety of raspberry tree “Fairy Tale” – not demanding care and does not require strapping, like ordinary raspberries.

The main feature of the raspberry tree is its high yield. Raspberry itself is very large, looks beautiful and smells good. As for the taste, the fruits are very juicy and sweet. Among other things, these berries are very suitable for transport, because the fruits are quite dense. In addition, they do not fall from the branches of the plant during ripening.

raspberry crop.

With such positive features, chopped raspberries are very popular among gardeners. The plant does not take up much space on the territory, rarely gets sick, it does not need much time to care, and at the same time gives a plentiful and tasty crop.

young tree with raspberries.
Variety “Tale” begins to bear fruit in the second decade of July and lasts until early August. This variety ripens early. As for the crop, it is very high, because you could collect 25 tons of raspberries from 1 hectare of clean plantations. One shrub gives about 5-6 kg of berries.

The level of winter hardiness of such a culture is mediocre. He is able to tolerate a drop in temperature to -23 degrees. This plant will withstand drought. The “Tale” is resistant to many major diseases that can affect gardening, but Caution to observe proper care of the crop.

When it comes to using the fruits of this type of raspberry, we can safely say that the product is very versatile. You can eat fresh berries, you can also use them to make jams and jams. And you can freeze a certain amount of fruit, which in the future is ideal for use as a preservative in aroma and taste.

Pay attention to the condition of the seedlings before buying. Because, unfortunately, quite often a dishonest seller can offer painful and weakened shoots that grow in previously abandoned places after varieties of remont raspberries. Therefore, when buying seedlings, several recommendations should be considered:

The best solution is to buy raspberry bushes in specialized garden stores or nurseries. They usually value reputation and offer only high-quality planting materials.
You can also buy seedlings from neighbors in the same area or from friends. Here you can immediately see the mother plants from which planting material was purchased.
If the purchase takes place on the market, you should definitely make sure that the seller has the relevant documents of the goods you are purchasing.
It is necessary to exclude the purchase of seedlings somewhere along the road, because only in appearance it is difficult to identify the variety or degree of quality of plants.
places under the raspberry tree.
Before you plant the Raspberry Tale tree and start taking care of it, you must choose the right place where the culture will grow faster and bear fruit better.

It should be noted that this plant likes a well-lit area, not a shadow. Also Attention so that the place is not covered by strong gusts of wind and drafts, otherwise the raspberry plant develops very slowly and may even die.

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