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A detailed business plan with calculations will allow you to establish a successful production of fuel briquettes from renewable resources such as straw. Take your share in the energy sector, because the demand for energy is eternal. The right business plan will help you enter the market and take your share with small investments.

It is important to focus on the high benefits that the production of briquettes from straw brings. The manufacturer of environmental fuels has a mission to make a large environmental contribution to our environment for which each of us is responsible and receives a decent financial reward for this. The production of ecological dry bio-fuel allows you to:

Improve local energy security.
Provide additional sources of income and create new jobs.
Processing non-useful plant material into fuel energy with a high calorific value, which does not contain harmful substances with a low level of sulfur dioxide and other harmful substances in the combustion process.
All this together allows you to convert straw into an attractive alternative source of energy for heating, thus making a big contribution to protecting the environment.

Potential customers who buy straw briquettes on a regular basis are:

Individuals, owners of single-family houses with individual boiler rooms and fireplaces.
Large boiler houses for heat supply of heating systems of apartment buildings or entire housing complexes.
Industrial enterprises that require heat treatment at different production cycles of their products.
Owners of elevators and grain drying plants.
Power plants that operate on the principle of converting thermal energy into electrical energy.
The production of briquettes requires special equipment and practical knowledge. It is important to consider the moisture content of the raw material and its purity. Perhaps before the production process additional preparation of straw will be required: drying or cleaning of garbage, which may adversely affect the cost of the finished product – briquette.

The structure of the business plan for the production of straw briquettes:

The advantages of producing straw briquettes.
Technology for the production of briquettes from straw.
Press equipment for the production of fuel briquettes.
Building a business strategy for organizing the production and sale of briquettes.
Segmentation of briquetted fuel buyers.
Revenues and expenses of a straw briquette company.
Pricing and determining the retail or wholesale price of briquettes.
One of the interesting advantages is the possibility of using in boilers with automatic loading of solid fuel and in any others.

automatic loading boiler.

The advantage of straw briquettes over other types of dry fuel:

Ecological fuel for boilers is produced from renewable sources, which does not contain harmful substances.
Low emissions of sulfur dioxide (which is one of the causes of acid rain) and other harmful substances arising from the combustion process.
A small amount of emitted gases (up to 20% compared to fossil fuels with CO2 emissions in the balance of assimilation and combustion) during combustion emits a small amount of smoke.
The low content of ash (waste after combustion) is 3-4%, the possibility of using ash as a manure fertilizer on farm land.
High calorific value is comparable to lower quality coal (1.5 tons of briquettes replaces a ton of carbon), which favorably affects the consumption of solid fuel when heating rooms.
The ability to sell briquettes at competitive prices in comparison with the best grades of coal, and much cheaper than gas or liquid fuel.
Possibility of burning in traditional boilers and in heating systems with automatic fuel supply.
A wide range of applications: in an individual boiler room, in boiler rooms of heating networks, for fireplaces, for barbecue, etc.
High density, which ensures the safety of ignition and the possibility of long-term storage in dry rooms of unsold residues.
Ease of distribution and distribution of the finished product (bulk transportation, packing in traditional bags or big bags, or packaging in special paper bags for barbecue or fireplaces).
Briquettes are made of straw and can be used individually or in conjunction with other types of solid fuel. Fuel is perfect for bunker furnaces and for boilers with automatic solid fuel supply. To heat a house with an area of ​​120 m2 during the winter season, in a conventional or bunker furnace, 6 tons of straw briquettes will be required, and for automatic-fed boilers – 4 tons. One ton of this fuel costs around $ 120. The production of one ton of briquettes takes about 1.2 tons of straw. The cost of 1t. straw is $ 30.

The scheme for the production of briquettes from straw.
For production, you need a spacious room with a ceiling of 4 meters.

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