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Tools for setting up remote office work for the quarantine period

During a pandemic, in addition to an emergency solution to the problem of people’s health safety, such as universal quarantine, the question for businessmen arises: how to safely transfer your business to remote “rails” with the maximum benefit of continuing to follow your own strategic development plan in the context of an impending crisis? In a new article, we’ll talk about tools that will help you configure the remote mode of employees for the quarantine period.

Quarantine is a signal that prompted the majority of owners to inevitably make tactical decisions, the implementation of which depends at least on maintaining competitive advantages in the market, which means that the company and the people working in it are fully operational.

It is impossible to ignore the process of business transformation during the introduction of quarantine, it means admitting defeat in advance, given that business is a living organism with its own development cycles, ideally each of which is moving towards progress. We are forced to adapt to conduct business, agreeing to the changed external conditions, taking emergency measures, one of which is the transfer of office work to remote management.

Remote employment is a form of employment in which an employee and an employer are geographically distributed, are outside a single office space and interact with each other through information and communication technologies.

Remote control

The following are the most suitable business areas for remote work: marketing, advertising, sales, information technology, consulting, educational services, accounting, design and others.

Before you go to the remote work mode, gather a meeting at which to appoint those responsible for communication, telephony, document management, and determine the optimal tools for your business that you need to implement.

The following popular technologies are used to organize and control the activities of remote employees: Internet telephony, corporate email, corporate chats in instant messengers, internal CRM, skype, Zoom, Google Docs, EDI, own programs.

When choosing services for a remote team, it is important to consider:
the ability to collaborate on files;
the ability to store information;
the ability to access from any device and data synchronization (computer, laptop, smartphone);
the ability to give different levels of access to team members.


First of all, you need to choose a cloud service for storage and collaboration with documents.

Google Drive – the number 1 service for remote teams. It combines cloud storage for files and the replacement of Microsoft office suites (tables, documents, presentations, forms). Allows you to create, collaborate on files, share links with others to view, comment or edit. You can create folders, give access to individuals using e-mail. The service is absolutely free, you buy only gigabytes in the cloud storage (up to 15 GB for free). To get your Google Drive, just register mail on

For large companies, there is Google Suite. Includes: corporate e-mail, 30 GB for storing disk and Gmail files for each user, round-the-clock support in real time, advanced administration functions and other features.

Evernote – a service for organizing text notes online. It is very convenient for collecting preliminary information on articles, collecting ideas, writing posts for social networks. You can work with your phone or computer.

Cloud storage

It is convenient when all documents and files on work are stored on the Internet. Cloud storages help with this: Yandex,, Dropbox and others. Google Drive is also a similar storage. Just need to buy enough space.


It is important to send the most important documents through work mail: contracts, acts of acceptance of work. The sent e-mail kind of “signs” and gives consent to perform actions. It is recommended to record important actions between you and employees / customers via e-mail.

It is highly undesirable for a remote employee to use their personal mail for business purposes, since when you dismiss an employee, you will lose an important part of the correspondence with your customers.

Messengers, chats and Skype

Team chats are a means of operational communication between employees. It is important to choose a specific messenger, social network or other communication tool. Examples: Whatsapp, Telegram.

The advantage of Telegtam is the creation and use of secret chats. You choose the most convenient for your communication.

Conference call

To maintain a working pace, discuss current affairs, and control points, it is advisable to arrange systematic phoning of the entire team or individual units. Here, choose a service for video communication, where employees can see each other via video communication, voice communication and record the current call.

How to create an engaging PR story for a previously unknown product
This year, the market for goods and services will be full of new products and technologies, experts say. It is likely that some of the “new products” will be skeptical,…


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