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The success of a business idea for raising pigs at home is due to many factors. The first factor is the consistently high demand for manufactured products. The business idea is resistant to external economic factors. Meat is actively bought even in a financial crisis.

Mini-pig farm does not require specialized investments. You can start even with one boar, which, when sold, is able to bring the first profit to the beginning farmer.

Most breeds of piglets, unpretentious to the conditions of detention. It is enough to follow the simple basic rules of basic animal care. And if you select the breed that is most suitable for your conditions and adhere to the technology of growing the same breed, then in a year you can reach a decent and stable profit. Therefore, to begin with, we will consider the features of a profitable breed of pig with photos and names.

The home-made pork business should start with a breed choice. Each breed has its own growing technology. Based on this, a business plan and the structure of a business project are built. Depending on the breed, ways to implement business ideas can vary significantly.

Yorkshire pig breed
Photo of Yorkshire breed. This is a large white breed of pigs. Yorkshire is the absolute record for meat growth rate. He gains 100 kg of live weight in a record 150 days. Adult boars can reach 350 kg, and sows 240 kg. But for a novice farmer, the breed is not suitable, as it requires special care.

Yokshire is sick with drafts and damp. It does not tolerate prolonged cold. He is prone to stress due to which he can quickly lose weight. The sow leads 10-11 piglets weighing a little more than 1 kg, each. Therefore, during childbirth, she needs help.

German Landrace
Photo of German Landrace breed. For a beginner, this is a more suitable breed than Yorkshire. German Landras has excellent immunity and good growth rates. During the feeding period, the daily weight gain is 863 g / day! Feed coefficient: 1: 2.6 (i.e. 2.6 kg of feed to obtain 1 kg of growth).

By the way, German Landras was bred as a result of crossing ordinary German pigs with a Yorkshire boar. The main direction of selection is an increase in mass and the preservation of immunity. Particular attention was paid to stress resistance.

Estonian bacon
Photo of Estonian bacon breed. This breed has roots of all beloved Dutch Landrases. But she surpasses them in many respects:

Estonian bacon is gaining 100kg 6 days faster.
Unlike Landrasov, Estonian bacon has a stronger physique.
190 g less feed consumption per 1 kg. growth.
The length of the pig is 5 cm longer, and the shpig (fat) is 8 mm. thinner.
Estonian bacon is a very prolific breed and often leads to 12 piglets per farrow.

Pig breed Hungarian mangalitsa
Photo of the Hungarian mangalitsa breed. The Hungarian mangalitsa is the best breed of pig for breeding, which no one has ever complained about. This breed is obtained by crossing wild boar and domestic pig. The Hungarian Mangalica breed was bred to produce the best pork meat. Her meat is perfect for curing. For example, the famous Spanish Jamon delicacy (pork ham cooked according to a special recipe in spices) is best made from the Hungarian Brazier.

In restaurants, they also like to buy meat of the brazier as it has streaks of fat. It is called marble meat and it is very pleasant to work with it in the process of preparing meat delicacies.
In the diet, the pig prefers a lot of grass and fiber. In ancient times they were grazed like sheep or cows on pastures. This feature allows you to save a little on feed. They eagerly eat such cheap food as:

mowed grass;
acorns and chestnuts.
And all that wild pigs eat in the wild.

As a legacy from wild boars, the “Hungarian mangalits” received thick wool. For this they are also called “Down Pigs.” This physiological feature of the breed allows you to maintain body temperature during prolonged frosts. This fact safely affects weight loss. After all, everyone has known since school that all animals spend up to 70% of their energy on supporting body temperature. This is the main reason why in the cold (even in a cool room with temperatures below +12) pigs lose all, albeit well eaten.

Hungarian mangalits have surprisingly strong immunity and lead offspring without problems.

Vietnamese Whiskers
Photo of the breed of Vietnamese Whiskers. Breeding pigs of the Vietnamese breed is fundamentally different from the above breeds.

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