How companies work with a self-employed person in 2020: step-by-step instructions
Who are self-employed? According to the law, payers of tax on professional income (NAP) include individuals who provide services or sell goods of their own production. At the same time,…

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A business idea for organizing small-scale production of products from various molding materials at home. Thanks to innovative technologies, today in the manufacture of plastic products, you can do without…

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What business to do is a very good question. Despite all the problems, we now live in one of the best economic eras. Today, with minimal investment, you can start…

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The main goal of laying hens is to produce a large number of eggs for sale. It is not difficult to do such a thing, while the result fully meets the expectations of the entrepreneur. The productivity of thoroughbred laying hens allows to lay about 300 eggs per year. That is why it is so important to correctly select each chicken and ensure the herd proper care. Businessmen with experience specialize in specific breeds of birds – tribal.

The maintenance of laying hens at home does not require special knowledge and specialized investments. Egg production can be done by any household. It is only necessary to adhere to simple rules that will improve productivity several times and return on investment in the shortest possible time.

Eggs in chicken nests. Breeding of laying hens is recognized by experts as a profitable type of business. Its profitability is 100%. Proper organization of the business, proper bird care and a well-established sales market will allow the project to pay off in 8-12 months.

If there is a chicken coop, the cost of implementing a business idea can start even with $ 400. Costs are associated mainly with the equipment of premises for keeping chickens, their acquisition and feeding. To buy 100 thoroughbred chickens will take up to $ 150, based on their average cost of $ 1 -1.5 $. About $ 0.2, that is, $ 2 per day for the whole household, will go to feed one chicken per day. In the first three months there will be no need to increase the amount of feed, so the cost will be $ 184. About $ 100 will be needed for mineral and vitamin supplementary foods.

Useful advice! The cost of feed can actually be reduced by 40% if you cook it yourself.

Additional expenses will be required for registration of a farm, an advertising company, payment of taxes, salaries and utility bills.

It is unlikely to compete with a large poultry farm, but the demand for environmentally friendly products, such as eggs obtained at home, is growing steadily. By producing a quality product, you can set a high price on it.

The shelf life of a chicken egg is 25 days. Over time, you can purchase equipment for the production of pasteurized egg products:

pasteurized protein or yolk.
More expensive equipment will be needed to produce egg powder. But all this is already in perspective, and today we should start small.

Ordering in the chicken coop. Laying hens need separate living conditions, depending on the age of the bird. This is due to the difference in diet. It is worth considering the predisposition of young chickens to infections.

In the arrangement of the house, it is important to pay attention to the following points:

Ventilation. Equip the chicken coop with air vents or a hood with plugs (this will prevent drafts).
Walking patio. It is advisable with a shadow under the trees, or a walking net was partially tightened to protect from the sun.
Jacks. They are installed in dark places and are calculated based on 5-6 goals per 1 nest. At the stage of business development, wooden crates (30 × 30 × 35 cm), covered with a layer of shavings, hay or straw, are suitable.
Disinfection. The equipment in the house and the area itself must be systematically disinfected. Wet or dirty bedding should be changed regularly.
Ash baths. Wooden “bird washing” with a mixture of ash, clay and sand (in a 1: 1 ratio) will save birds from the attack of bugs, ticks and other parasitic insects.

Feeding troughs and drinking bowls. They must be installed both in the chicken coop and on the paddock. Feeders with turntables have proven themselves well, which does not allow the transfer of feed. 1 chicken requires 10-15 cm feeders. The capacity of the drinkers is 5-6 liters.
Perches. They are made of wooden bars or battens (the crossbars are located 35-60 cm apart). Regarding height – about 1 m opposite the window. One chicken requires 20 cm perch.
Lighting. The area of ​​the windows do more than 10% of the floor area. In winter short light periods of the day, additional illumination of the chicken coop will be required.
Coverage and floor area. It is impossible to concrete the floor, it is necessary to make it wooden, filled or beaten clay. The top layer of the floor is covered with sawdust, straw, hay, forming a warm and dry litter. In winter, the bulk layer should be up to half a meter. Calculating the floor area of ​​the herd is simple – no more than 5 chickens per 1 m2.
Temperature. The temperature regime for good egg production is in the range of 23-25Co. The ceiling height in the house of 1.8 m will allow you to maintain a comfortable microclimate in winter. Below + 15Со the air temperature should not fall.
White Leggorn chickens. You can buy chickens or already adult young hens 17 weeks of age. It is better to do this with trusted suppliers and not chase the cheapness. Consider the most productive layers.

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