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How SMM Improves Business Performance

Social networks today are largely not only a tool for socialization, but also a platform for building relationships with consumers. Social Media Marketing (hereinafter – SMM) as a type of Internet marketing is necessary for any brand. Small businesses, individual entrepreneurs and large companies use the capabilities of social networks, various forums and blogs to increase the traffic of corporate sites, thereby indirectly increasing sales. In this article, we will consider the stages of building an SMM strategy in Inbound marketing and the main tasks of SMM

We will consider SMM as an integral part of the so-called Inbound marketing strategy, according to which the task of the business is to properly configure the channels of social networks that attract and hold the attention of consumers.

How does Inbound Marketing work and what is it?

Inbound Marketing (from English inbound – inbound) is a way to promote through useful, relevant or just interesting content. According to the presentation form, the content can be presented in the form of an article in a blog, illustrations, videos, answers to questions on forums, podcasts.

The main task of Inbound marketing is to earn the interest of the audience, as well as attract its voluntary attention. Yes, the effect will not be visible immediately, but a loyal audience, plus a saved budget for expensive advertising, will become an obvious “plus”. In addition, a loyal customer who is satisfied with the quality of the service / product purchased will most likely recommend the brand to friends and thereby provoke a word-of-mouth or word-of-mouth method of promotion.

A well-developed Inbound Marketing strategy accompanies a potential buyer at all stages of interaction with the brand:
Stage Attract. At this stage, you need to find out who the potential consumer is interested in specific products or services, and offer exactly the content that will find an in-depth personal response from the target audience. You need to find out what ideas attract CA, what difficulties they face in order to carefully think out a marketing strategy and promote a business through advertising campaigns, blogs, social networks and more.

Stage Engage. Usually it is characterized by a growing interest of a potential consumer in the offered content. It is extremely important to maintain such interest, using, for example, support through chat bots; A simple and understandable UX site plays a significant role. The task of the business is to communicate with customers through the channels that they prefer.

Stage Delight. A good marketing strategy will allow you not only to meet the needs of customers, but also to exceed their expectations. It is necessary to provide high-quality and useful content that can impress consumers and maintain a constant dialogue with them, considering their complaints and positive reviews – and regularly process all this information.

What is the role of SMM in the overall marketing strategy? Of course, it all starts with high-quality content, so Social Media or Content Marketing become the “voice” and “ears” of the brand, and are responsible for the effective presence of the company in social networks and the Internet space as a whole (this can be a corporate website / blog).

The main business tasks that SMM is called to solve:

1. Improving brand awareness (Brand Awareness). SMM allows marketers to quantify the presence of their brand on the Internet.

You can use metrics to measure brand awareness:
the number of followers is the reach of the audience that the brand can reach;
penetration of SMM posts – the number of users who read the post;
reposts (shares) – the number of users who talk about the brand and make reposts in social networks.
2. Increasing brand engagement (engagement). Interaction in social networks improves brand perception, increases consumer loyalty and helps spread word of mouth recommendations.

This indicator should also be measured using two criteria:
likes, reposts, comments on the post – all of the above indicates how many people interact with published posts on social networks;
mentions and responses are indicators of the number of people mentioning the brand, and the frequency with which the brand responds to mentions.
3. The increase in traffic (traffic) targeted site. The presence of the brand on social networks makes it possible to attract additional audience to the site / blog.

The main metrics are:
social network traffic, reflecting the number of visitors – users of social networks;
share of total traffic – percentage of users of social networks of total traffic;
bounce rate of social media traffic, showing the quality of social network traffic;
clicks on posts on social networks showing how effective posts are on social networks.
4. Lead generation (lead generation). This is the name of the way to attract potential customers in order to stimulate…

How SMM Improves Business Performance
Social networks today are largely not only a tool for socialization, but also a platform for building relationships with consumers. Social Media Marketing (hereinafter - SMM) as a type of…


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