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Computer embroidery has become a fashionable and sought-after attribute. Today, the client wants to emphasize their individuality by purchasing clothes and accessories. Therefore, highly specialized business ideas are firmly anchored in small niches. For example, good demand goes to embroidered items. Uniquely embroidered designs can be found on T-shirts, underwear, wallets, purses and even shoes. Computer embroidery is gaining popularity not only in fashion. They emphasize their individuality by embroidery on the covers of documents, in elements of automotive interiors, and even in art. For example, spectacular paintings with photo embroidery of threads glowing in the dark.

This type of home business does not require large financial investments. And the key to its success is a harmonious fusion of modern technology and traditional craft.

EMBROIDERY WITH Luminous Threads
The picture is embroidered with luminescent threads. It is possible to significantly expand the range of embroidered products with the help of a thread glowing in the dark or in ultraviolet light. They are also called fluorescent threads that glow in the ultraviolet, and fluorescent ones accumulate light and give it out in the dark without the use of energy sources (though for 2 hours). With such threads, you can offer the buyer a number of attractive products in stock:

The embroidered luminous photo pictures.
T-shirts for night clubs (the image of the thread breathes and retains its presentation for longer, as opposed to printing on fabric).
3Logotypes on the covers of documents or covers for smartphones, which now can not be lost in the dark.

Glowing threads for embroidery (luminescent) are quite affordable at a price of $ 10 per 1 spool (weighing 100 grams and a length of 3000 meters). The manufacturer Acmelight offers several colors of light: green, turquoise, white, blue, red and yellow.

Spectacular embroidery on clothes and shoes for evening and night rest will interest all young consumers.

Reflective threads are also useful in this matter. The reflective thread itself consists of glass microlenses with high retroreflectivity. A 500 meter reel will cost $ 15 (with a thickness of 0.25mm).

To start working with machine embroidery, special sewing skills are not needed. At the first stage of such a business, you can embroider simple things, for example, metrics or document covers. To embroider such things, you do not need to be able to work with a pattern. All you need for this is a sewing and embroidery machine. Such a machine itself embroiders various patterns. It is only necessary to clamp the canvas in the hoop and fix it on the working surface of the machine. The market for such sewing and embroidery machines is quite wide. For instance:

Brother innov-is 750e embroidery machine – $ 700.
brother innov-is 750e.
Sewing and embroidery machine brother innov-is 4000 – up to $ 2000.
brother innov-is 4000.
Using these machines, you can easily control the workflow, as it is fully automated. The maximum speed for applying stitches is up to 1000 stitches per minute. Sewing and embroidery machines of various types have different functions, their control menu is available on the control display, and even video lessons on working with it are stored in the memory of the machine itself. In a word, a person with a zero level of training and skills can work with such an apparatus. Also, when choosing a sewing-embroidery machine, pay attention to the presence of a USB port, because with it you can connect a PC or digital media (USB flash drive).

To create a machine embroidery business, you must also be able to use special programs for embroidery machines in which unique patterns and patterns are created. The machines themselves already have a large base of patterns that can be sewn with various stitches. These programs can be downloaded from the Internet, they are free. Pictures for the embroidery machine can also be downloaded on the Internet, which is easy to learn craft.
To create more complex schemes, global skills are needed to work with such programs, they can be obtained independently using video tutorials. But do not be scared, because even a beginner using a PC can master elementary skills in working with special programs.

The program for embroidery machines. As mentioned above, the embroidery machine itself serves as the basis for this business, but in addition there are a number of conditions that will be needed in the work process:

The room. For this work, you will need a separate room. It will be enough a small creative room in your own home, or for example an empty garage in a clean working condition is perfect for a mini-office.
Sewing equipment. This includes absolutely everything from patterns to needles. Centimeters, rulers, scissors, threads for embroidery machines and more. You do not need to immediately buy additional sewing equipment, it is easier to purchase as necessary in the further development of the craft.
Fabrics and accessories. The basis for creating machine embroidery is naturally fabric.

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