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Fitostena for office.

Landscaping of living spaces is the main trend in modern interior design, which implements the desire for the reunion of man and nature, even in a city apartment or office. Stabilized moss is the most popular plant for interior floristry and the creation of phytostalls. Growing it is quite capable of becoming a profitable business at home.

For use in decorative purposes.
A stabilized moss is a moss from which moisture has been removed, and instead of it a special embalming solution based on glycerin has been pumped: it preserves the living appearance of the plant, but stops all biological processes. Thanks to this, the plant becomes more elastic, firm and durable, does not require watering and special care. Stable moss in the interior is used for:

vertical landscaping of facades;
creating individual decorative elements;
finishing arches, doorways, niches in the walls of rooms;
creating paintings, wall paintings and inscriptions.
For use in decorative purposes, preference is given to cladonia and reindeer moss, which belong to the group of lichens, voluminous texture and bright color.

Rug of moss under the feet.
Preservation of Scandinavian moss is a delicate process that requires a prescription in the manufacture of an embalming solution and the rules for preparing plants for stabilization. When collecting moss, you must adhere to the rules:

avoid wetlands where moss has excessively high humidity;
to tear off moss at the very base, so as not to damage the bulk structure of the plant;
Avoid picking up stones, twigs, and lumps of earth along with plants;
ensure the tightness of the container when transporting the collected moss.
Mosses play an important role in the functioning of the natural ecosystem, so when collecting it is impossible to pluck all the plants so as not to disrupt the biogeocenosis of the environment.

There are several ways to stabilize moss at home, which differ in the composition of the stabilization solution and the details of the process, for example, the type of dyes that are added to the embalming composition for coloring plants.

Recipe number 1
The method involves the use of glycerol and methyl hydrate to compensate for the natural moisture of the moss and consists in the following:

all garbage and extra shoots are removed from plants;
a solution of glycinerin and methyl hydrate is prepared and mixed in a ratio of 2: 1;
moss is placed in a container with a solution for 10 minutes, and after extraction, it carefully survives to remove excess fluid;
moss is laid out on paper towels or a clean cloth to dry.
After several days of drying, the moss should become softer and smoother, which will mean the completion of the canning process.

Recipe number 2
The method involves the use of only glycerin, which is safer during plant dehydration than methyl hydrate, but acts a little slower. The procedure is as follows:

moss is cleaned of dirt and foreign particles and laid out in a shallow container;
warm water and glycerin are mixed in a ratio of 1: 1, dyes are added to the solution;
the moss is completely poured with an embalming solution and removed to a dark place for a week;
after seven days, the preserving liquid is drained and replaced with fresh, after which the container with moss is again removed in a dark place for a week;
after another seven days, all the liquid is drained, and the plants are laid out to dry in a shaded place, where direct sunlight does not fall.
Canned moss will become more resilient, flexible and will take on a new color defined by artificial dye.

Decor from a moss.
Stable moss does not require watering and fertilizing, scissor treatment or spraying with water and remains unchanged for 5-10 years. It is absolutely safe for people and animals, not susceptible to light and high temperature in the room. The only requirement is to maintain a moisture level of 40-60% so that the moss does not dry out and does not lose its attractive appearance.

A business idea for growing decorative moss with small investments can bring significant income in 1-2 months. Main advantages:

small initial investments (200-500 USD);
high demand for stabilized plants;
minimum requirements for storage and transportation of embalmed moss;
low competition in the market.
kak-vyrastit-stabilizirovannyy-mohHow to grow stabilized moss with your own hands for business.
The production of stabilized moss is a business idea, the implementation of which requires only a little money, perseverance and a desire to develop a new direction of floristry and phyto-decor of interiors, which is only gaining popularity in Ukraine.

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