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Hazelnuts are unpretentious plants that require basic conditions. In Italy, it is also called the “tree for the lazy,” since it does not require particularly care. If you choose the right varieties, then large yields can be obtained both in the northern and southern zones. And the shelf life of cultivated hazel in the shell has a duration of 3-4 years in a dry and cool room.

Basic calculation of profitability of a business idea:

The average yield of hazelnuts is up to 2 tons per hectare.
The yield of cores is an average of 50%.
The wholesale purchase price for walnut kernels starts at $ 5,800 per ton.
The price rises every year, because it is stimulated by a constant increase in demand.

How is hazelnut useful? This type of nuts is an unrivaled leader in terms of the number of useful properties among other foods. Like all nuts, hazelnuts stimulate the brain and improve potency. But its main advantage is the perfectly balanced 20 amino acids plus the perfect combination of protein and vitamin E increases the vitality of a person and perfectly helps against chronic fatigue. Athletes really appreciate this product when they need to regain their strength after repeated physical exertion. One hundred grams of hazelnuts contains 620 calories. This is an excellent indicator of the energy value of the product. For comparison, fried potato chips contain the same 100g. 530 calories.

Hazelnuts on bushes. In order to compete with foreign suppliers of nuts, it is necessary to choose varieties that give a crop that is close to world standards:

round-shaped fruits with a rich brown shiny shell;
fat content – about 70-72%;
the core yield is about 60%.
It is also important to consider the climatic conditions for growing hazelnuts: the variety must be winter-hardy, drought-resistant.

Overview of the best bushes of cultural hazel:

Grade name

Bush description

Walnut description



Vigorous, sprawling, up to 6 m in diameter; relatively drought tolerant and winter hardy

Fruits of early ripening *; bundled from 5 to 12 pieces; fat content – 70%, core yield – 53%

15 kg from the bush, or 10 kg / ha **

Ata Baba

Vigorous, with a spherical, slightly flattened crown, up to 4 m in height

Fruits are late, flat-rounded, fat content – 68.3%; kernels – 53%

15-16 kg per plant, or 10 kg / ha

Curly hair

Sprawling, drooping, up to 3.5 in height, up to 5 m in diameter

Early fruits, bunched up to 15 pieces; with a dark brown thin shell; core yield – 53%; fat content – 70%

17-18 kg from the bush, or 11-12 kg / ha


Spreading, up to 5 m in height and in diameter

Early variety, fruits are bundled in 3-4 pieces; nuclei – 54%; fat content – 72%

8 kg per plant, or 8-9 kg / ha


Spreading, medium, up to 3.5 m in height; highly winter hardy

Medium ripening; fruit – 2-5 nuts, kernels – more than 50%; fat content – 57%

6 kg from the bush, or 8 kg / ha

Moscow early

Compact, up to 3 m in height; highly frost resistant

The fruits are early, the yield of the kernel is more than 50%; fat content – 65%

4 kg per plant, or 8 kg / ha


Weak, up to 3.5 m in height, with a round, medium thickened crown; highly winter hardy

Medium ripening; core yield – 52%; fat content – 70%

3-4 kg from the bush, or 7-8 kg / ha

* Hazelnuts of early ripening fruit in August (2-3 weeks). The average term is 4 decades of August – 1-2 decades of September. Late – end of September – beginning of October.
Hazelnut nut garden. To grow cultivated hazel in order to create a relic business, you need your own piece of land. If you rent, then only with subsequent redemption, that is, leasing. The fact is that it will only be possible to profit from the hazelnut garden in a couple of years. The first nuts on the bushes will appear after 2 years, and the fruit bearing at full capacity will be repaired not earlier than after 3 years. Therefore, investing in rented land is risky.

Caring for hazelnuts does not require much knowledge and effort. This is an unpretentious plant to care for, but to get the best harvests, you must follow the simple rules of agricultural technology.

Hazelnut farming requirements:

The soil. There are no special “wishes”. The best options are various black soils and gray forest soils. Does not like hazelnuts on sandy, swampy and saline soils. It is advisable to calcify acidic soil (per 1 sq. M – 500 g of lime). Bushes grow well in soddy areas. But they respond gratefully to regular plowing. In the fall – to a depth of 15-18cm. During the growing season – 4-5 times to a depth of 10-12cm.
Planting time of seedlings. Autumn. The end of October. Hazelnut seedlings have a short dormant period. Therefore, when planting in the spring, most of the seedlings die.
Landing pattern. Variants of the arrangement of bushes depend on their size, a tendency to overgrowth. Possible landing in rows.

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