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Raspberry berries do not need advertising; they are already selling well in any form. Therefore, you should think about a business idea and calculate how much raspberry cultivation brings at…

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Raspberry berries do not need advertising; they are already selling well in any form. Therefore, you should think about a business idea and calculate how much raspberry cultivation brings at home. Tasty, sweet, healthy with delicate pulp and amazing aroma, they have a lot of fans. Today, not many people can afford hikes in the forest. Therefore, gardeners who grow raspberries for sale have regular customers. Let’s see how profitable a raspberry business is and how much it will take to invest effort and financial resources.

To get started, a brief overview of the project concept. The economic rationale for investing in a business idea and the success of its implementation with the calculation of the scale of the land per 1 hectare:

On one hectare, you can plant 2-3 thousand bushes. The price of one seedling is $ 0.6-2. On average, $ 2,000 will be spent on the purchase of planting material.
The price of 1 ton of organic fertilizer (manure) is $ 16. It will take 50 tons. Or $ 800.
1 bush will give about 4 kg of berries. From all raspberries we collect 10 thousand kg.
The wholesale price of berries is $ 1.4-2. Having sold all the raspberries, we get $ 16,000.
We take away the costs of advertising, transport, packaging, tools. Net profit – $ 9,000. This is only for the season!

Pay attention to unusual raspberry varieties that will make a business idea more effective:

Variety Lyashka.
Lyashka – the earliest variety bred in Poland.
Advantages Lyashki:
large cylindrical berries up to 4cm. and weighing 5-10 grams;
high palatability (9 out of 10 points) with a pronounced raspberry smell;
excellent presentation and great demand of the variety in the market;
high productivity (18-20 tons per hectare);
shoot height up to 3 meters;
excellent frost resistance (up to -30).
Disadvantages: Lyashka requires increased protection against fungus.
Variety Octavia.
Octavia is the most popular variety in the global berry industry.
Advantages of Octavia:
berries do not crumble from the bushes even after heavy rains;
good taste of transportable berries (do not rot for a long time);
high and strong stems of the Octavia variety allow you to grow raspberries without trellis;
very high productivity (up to 30 tons per hectare);
very resistant to fungal infections;
excellent frost resistance (up to -30).
Disadvantages: in Octavia, bushes grow very weakly.
Ezhimalina Tyberry.
Tyberry is an unusual hybrid of raspberries and blackberries. The variety harmoniously combines all the advantages of a blackberry. Surprisingly, the berries have an unusually strong berry taste and aroma.
Advantages of Tyberberry
the variety has an amazing viability by inheritance from a blackberry;
absolute unpretentiousness in caring for the plant;
high frost resistance;
large dark red berries of 12 grams;
incredible productivity (up to 12 kg of berries from one bush)!
it is difficult to interest large wholesale buyers with the berries of the peninsula (the main sales channel is the food market and acquaintances);
Ezhimalina strongly prickly.

Large-fruited raspberry varieties. Large-fruited varieties are suitable for growing raspberries for commercial purposes. Their berries have a presentation, weight from 4 to 12 g. From one bush you can remove from 4 to 7 kg. When choosing, it is also necessary to pay attention to such characteristics as: winter hardiness, immunity to diseases, type of bush.

A brief description of the varieties that have been recognized by the best gardeners:

Name and characteristics of the variety

Berry description

Bush description

Fruiting time



Patricia (not repaired)

Large berries from 4 to 12 g with a pleasant velvety surface and small drupes, very sweet and juicy

Medium-sized (up to 1.8 m), semi-spreading; moderately winter hardy (up to -30 °); annually forms 5-7 root offspring

From July 5 to August 1

4-5 kg ​​per bush or 25 t / ha

Resistant to botrits, didimella, anthracnose; susceptible to late blight

Tarusa (not remontant)

Conical berries from 4 to 12 g, shiny, bright red, with a few small drupes and a sweet taste, can withstand transportation well

Srednerosly (about 1.5 m) with powerful shoots of the standard type, gives 4-5 root offspring; moderate winter hardiness (up to -30 °)

From July 10 to August 1

3-4 kg from a bush or 20 t / ha

Resistant to all known diseases and pests.

Arbat (not repair)

Weight – 4-12 g, elongated conical shape, dark red color, very sweet with a few seeds

From 1.5 to 2 m in height, sprawling with powerful shoots; moderately winter hardy (up to -30 °)

From July 8 to August 1

4-5 kg ​​per bush or 20 t / ha

Resistant to diseases and pests

Maroseyka (not repair)

Weight – 4-12 g, light red color with a light shiny coating, berries are dense, can withstand transportation well

Srednerosly (up to 1.5 m), sprawling, with durable spikeless shoots; moderate winter hardiness (up to -30 °); on the site does not creep

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