Head vs spokesperson: who should represent the company's position in the media
In a new article we explain how to competently divide the area of ​​responsibility between the director of the company and the spokesperson in the matter of representing the business…

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How to write a book, publish it and make money
After the publication of “The ABC of selling performances,” I am regularly asked questions regarding the nuances of writing a book, its publication, and earnings. Here are the five most…

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The shape of the bush "Raspberry Tree" allows you to greatly simplify harvesting. From here we will not once again remind you of the wonderful healing properties and high taste…

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Breeding turkeys is profitable. The increase in meat in farm birds is significantly higher compared to animals. Especially when it comes to turkeys, which lead a calm lifestyle and do not spend a lot of energy, as chickens. With a feed cost of 3 kg per turkey, the meat gain is 1 kg. For comparison, pigs need 7 kg of feed to get 1 kg of meat. For these reasons, poultry farming today is in the category of super-profitable business.

Turkey meat is in great demand. This meat is not inferior to chicken according to its characteristics. The most difficult step in breeding turkeys is nursing the chicks until the 1st month. And then these birds are not whimsical in content to eat a variety of feed types. These large birds give not only a lot of meat, but also fluff, feathers, litter for fertilizer. Next, we consider in more detail the advantages and disadvantages of a business idea for breeding turkeys at home. Continue reading

Growing tomatoes in polycarbonate greenhouses for home business

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse for business provides you with a stable income due to stable demand for the product. With year-round cultivation, a greenhouse with tomatoes bring constant profit. Of course, it will take a lot of effort to get a good harvest. For the successful implementation of a business idea, you should familiarize yourself with new technologies before growing tomatoes at home. After all, the goal is not just to grow, but to get a good profitable crop. It is necessary to apply new technologies for:

improved photosynthesis;
receiving additional heat from the earth;
accelerate fruit ripening by preparing for the harvest;
biological pollination;
improved ventilation system.
Thus, you can get better yields and more profit from one greenhouse, putting less effort, which in turn is skill. Continue reading


When organizing the grape business, you can go in two ways: growing vines in the open ground and in the greenhouse. In certain places, getting a crop without greenhouses is almost impossible. Grapes are a thermophilic culture. And you cannot make your profit dependent on weather conditions. Therefore, we consider both options for the cultivation of delicious berries.

In some regions, it is impossible to grow grapes in open ground. The way out is the greenhouse. Continue reading

Growing carrots in open ground for business
Carrots are a root crop that is in demand all year round among all segments of the population. So if there is demand, and even year-round, why not consider growing…


How we solved the problem of loss of employee motivation due to overwork
Refining creates an overload on employees who are more likely to be disappointed with their work, lose their motivation and, at best, leave, and at worst, drag the whole department…


Growing Column-shaped Apple Trees of High-Harvest Varieties
Column-shaped apple trees are popular with small farmers. These trees begin to bear fruit a couple of years after planting, give large yields of wholesome fruits. Their apples are distinguished…


Online Business Reputation: How to Track and Manage
Today, business is one way or another trying to promote itself in the network. Sites, communities in social networks, contextual advertising. However, companies often leave the area of ​​reviews and…